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Thursday, May 11, 2017

New research links Iraq dust to ill soldiers

WASHINGTON — Titanium and other metals found in dust at a base in Iraq have been linked to the dust found in six sick soldiers' lungs, according to a study set to be released Monday.


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Anonymous said...

Your posting a 3 year old article? The article only says there is research and they were going to release it 5 days after it was published. Where is the research that was supposed to get published? No readily available....that's where.

This page talking about the dust and problems with lungs and NO supporting information is only going to hurt veterans as they think they will get SC on claims related to the lungs only to get turned down because the science isn't there.

What was the point of posting this fluff piece of information? What useless trash you post. How about posting the actual published science paper that Veterans can use. This article says it was getting published in June 2014. This is June 2017. the same year you put this page up. Where is the article? this crap on USA TODAY is nothing. Shame on you.