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Friday, September 21, 2018

New VA secretary 'sucker punches' Vietnam Navy veterans- VIDEO

Vietnam War Navy veterans claim the new head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie, stabbed them in the back by promising to meet with them and instead, fired off a letter trying to kill a bill that grants them Agent Orange benefits

Meet the gallant all-black American female battalion that served in Europe during World War II

The first time American women fought in a war was during the American Civil War. Women were not allowed to be selected into the draft, so they disguised themselves as men and fought instead. A few of them were only discovered to be women when found dead.


Female veterans push for eligibility for spouses to join American Legion Auxiliary

The veterans of American Legion Post 204 ― the “Service Girls” ― as they’re known in their Pacific Northwest home, are speaking out about the American Legion’s membership policies, which currently exclude the spouses of female veterans in every branch of their organization

Burn Pit act passes in House of Representative

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would ban burn pits on military bases. It's a bill that local Congressman, Dr. Raul Ruiz, also a co-sponsor, has been advocating for a year and a half.

Historic criminal charges brought against Air Force Academy cadets

Air Force Academy cadets
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Two U.S. Air Force Academy cadets face charges stemming from a hazing incident involving the Colorado school’s swim team.

For Latinos in the military, promotion is 'almost' impossible

Ascending in the U.S. military is more difficult for Latinos. (Thinkstock images)
A study has shown that the Hispanic community in the United States is less likely to scale professionally in the military, despite being one of the demographics with the highest participation in the Armed Forces.

VA Must Prove to Women Vets That They Belong

Airmen walk during the Colorado Springs Veterans Day Parade in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nov. 5, 2016. The all-female Airmen flight represented Schriever during the women in military themed parade. (U.S. Air Force photo/Christopher DeWitt)

Joy Ilem, a service-connected disabled veteran of the U.S. Army, is the national legislative director for Disabled American Veterans.
Last month, a Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General report revealed that roughly 1,300 claims for military sexual trauma were incorrectly processed and denied, leaving veterans suffering from PTSD without the benefits they deserve.

female infantry marines
The career of one of the first female infantry Marines has come to an ignominious end after she admitted to having a romantic relationship with a Marine under her command whom she later married, Task & Purpose confirmed on Wednesday.

UCMJ crackdown: Why Mattis thinks commanders have gone soft on misconduct

The number of courts-martial and other severe punishments meted out to misbehaving troops across the military has steadily declined in recent years, raising concerns at the Pentagon’s highest levels that some commanders have gone soft on traditional military discipline.
The total of general, special and summary court-martial cases handled by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines has plummeted by nearly 70 percent during the past decade — down from 6,377 in 2007 to 1,980 in 2017, according to a Military Times analysis

American Legion Assistant Director testifies on veterans’ burial rights

Assistant Director for Discharge Upgrade Claims in the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Division for The American Legion, Greg Nembhard, testified Sept. 5 before the Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs on protecting honorable burials, family members and benefits earned by veterans.
H.R. 4312, The Fallen Warrior Battlefield Cross Memorial Act, will ensure the Secretary of Veterans Affairs allows the display of battlefield crosses in national cemeteries.

Female Vets Running for Congress Find Service Records Under Attack

A screenshot from a 2011 video shot in Kandahar, Afghanistan shows then-Navy Cmdr. Lynne Blankenbeker sending Christmas greetings to family back home. Blankenbeker is now running for Congress in New Hampshire. (DVIDS)
Maura Sullivan was a Marine captain in Iraq.
With a Sept. 11 primary fast approaching, two female congressional candidates are defending their military service after they were criticized for using the word "combat" in their political campaigns.

Secretary promises VA will be more ‘welcoming’ to women veterans

WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie said his department “needs to be more welcoming to women veterans” and promised improvements at the bureaucracy in months to come.
“We are on the cusp of a great change,” Wilkie told veterans attending the inaugural meeting of the Military Women’s Coalition in Georgia on Friday. “This is not my father’s or my grandfather’s VA. It is now your VA. We have to change how we do business, and that means making the institution more welcoming.”

Department of National Defence establishes recreational cannabis policy- VIDEO

WATCH: According to an internal draft of the military's cannabis policy, members will be banned from consuming marijuana eight hours before duty, once it's legalized. Ross Lord reports.
With marijuana legalization just around the corner, the Department of National Defence wants to ensure the rules are clear to its more than 100,000 members.
According to an internal draft of the military’s cannabis policy, members will be banned from consuming marijuana eight hours before duty, once it’s legalized.

Senate Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans

Two Democratic U.S. senators filed legislation on Wednesday that would effectively legalize medical marijuana for military veterans and let government doctors help them access it.

Many enlisted women suffer adverse mental health effects after combat injury, study finds

Within a year after suffering a combat-related injury in Iraq or Afghanistan, 40 percent of military women were diagnosed with a mental health condition, according to a new study.
Of particular concern is that enlisted women were more likely to have a diagnosis of a mental health disorder and had “significantly lower quality of life” than the women officers studied, said Judy Dye, a researcher with the Naval Health Research Center, in a presentation to the Military Health System Research Symposium Tuesday

People Who Are Suicidal Don't Want to Die, They Just Want the Pain to Stop

Black and white picture of a woman
This is an extremely sensitive topic but it needs to be discussed....

For the first time, domestic violence will be a crime under military law

WASHINGTON — Domestic violence will officially become a separate crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice when President Donald Trump signs the annual defense authorization act into law next week.
Military officials have prosecuted such crimes in the past, but under more general justice categories such as assault. They carry severe penalties including jail time and dismissal from the armed forces. But analysts say that doesn’t always convey the seriousness of the offense.

I Was Sexually Assaulted by Another Marine. The Corps Didn’t Believe Me.

I would never have guessed that closure would come to me in a small courtroom in Manhattan, Kan. A year and a half ago, on my 34th birthday, I sat on a witness stand and recounted how I was sexually assaulted on New Year’s Day 2006 by a fellow Marine — someone I had considered a friend while we were deployed to the Horn of Africa.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Registration Now OPEN! 2018 MIWVE Conference & New "Dirt Therapy" Program Launch - Please Share!!!

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3rd Annual
2018 Michigan Women Veterans
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Saturday November 17, 2018
10 to 2 pm Southfield Parks & Rec.
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we have great plans ahead for women veterans in 2019!

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3rd Annual
2018 Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment Conference 

Saturday, November 17, 2018
10 to 2 pm - Southfield Parks & Rec. 26000 Evergreen Rd.
Southfield, MI.

This event is FREE to women veterans & women military service members, general public cost $15/online or $20/door
includes: refreshments 
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Our Conference Theme:
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The Voices of Michigan's Women Pioneer Community Leaders.

Come out and help us celebrate and honor women veterans for
their sacrificial service to our country. Be empowered and
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Michigan women pioneer
community leaders speakers.  

Our Advisory Board President & Mistress of Ceremonies for the conference is the beloved Honorable Judge Denise Langford-Morris presiding 26 years within the Oakland County Circuit Courts.

Our phenomenal Conference Speakers are Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver, Airforce Woman Veteran Simone Lightfoot, Dr. Lisa Brannack (Woman Veteran) and Dr. Opal Murphy-Hicks. 

Our dynamic 2018 Conference Speakers are Michigan Women Pioneer Community Leaders who will present topics on Veterans Entering Politics, Military Culture Awareness Training program, Women leading in Politics and Founding Women Business owners operational strategies.

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Details about "Dirt Therapy" will be released at the conference and thereafter so stay tuned...

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