There are over 47,000 women veterans in Michigan and the Michigan Veterans Foundation has embraced the women veteran population by providing a HQ office space for the MVF-MWVEC, the venue for the conference, meetings and the foundational support to build a strong women veterans and military members family community.

We have gone to the next level for the 2nd 2017 MIWVEC, the 6 powerful and dynamic speakers will inspire, ignite and empower women to achieve greatness. The vendors will provide the resources designed specifically for the women veteran population.

Our gracious 2017 MIWVEC sponsors are the Eisenhower Center & Humana, which will be present to support women veterans and the military service members community. 

Women Veterans will be honored, engaged and strengthened in our sister-in-service bond. Our hopes is that women veterans will feel celebrated, honored and know that their significant sacrifice to our country is truly appreciated. 

Registration is Free and
Seating is limited!