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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

SAVE THE DATE: 2019 MIWVE Conference - SERVICE: A Community Conversation -

2019 MIWVE 4th Annual Conference
SERVICE: A Community Conversation

For the 4th Annual 2019 Michigan
Women Veterans Empowerment Conference 

Saturday November 16, 2019
11 am to 4 pm - City of Southfield Parks &
Rec. Dept. 26000 Evergreen Rd Southfield MI

In partnership with MIWVE & the Southfield Veterans Commission Organization.

All MIWVE's events are open to all veterans, military services members and the public. We served together as men and women in the Armed forces now we need to continue to serve in our communities, fellowship and
network together as a whole.

This event is FREE - Open to Public,
all veterans, military service members, the youth and the general public are welcome to attend.

$5 Donation for Lunch at the Door – 50/50 CASH Raffle – All Veterans in attendance will be presented with new and very nice gifts from Pretty Hunter & TJ MAXX.

Conference Theme:

Come out to engage in a healthy community conversation with a diverse panel of community leaders and other conference attendees for the purpose of building a safe, healthy and vibrant community
for all to thrive in. 

Our five Dynamic Speakers/Panelists are powerful community leaders:
Steve Spreitzer is the President and CEO of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion, Simone Lightfoot (Airforce Veteran) - National Director of Urban Initiatives at the National Wildlife Federation, Jamie L. Paxton, retired Master Sergeant, Ohio Air National Guard and Executive Director of Little Blessings Veteran and Community Outreach, Kevin Fischer is the Executive Director of NAMI Michigan and Susan McCain (US Army National Guard Veteran) - Community Facilitator for the MISSILIA Project and Founder of Media Montages, LLC.

MIWVE's 2019 Conference Speakers will present on the following topics:

Diversity & Inclusion, Suicide Epidemic & Mental Health Intervention, Veterans Entering Politics, Community based Women Veterans Peer Support Groups and a Transitional Equine Therapy program for Veterans transitioning from their military life. 

The conference attendees will have opportunities to ask the five panel speakers questions, learn about new programs and resources for veterans, network, strengthen our current relationships and gain new ones. 

A Special Thanks to the City of Southfield and the Southfield Veterans Commission Org. for their continued support and partnership with MIWVE.

Contact Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon – Founder/CEO of Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment for more information –
What empowers you,
lets pass it on!

Phone (810) 373-5744

JOIN US in the Garden!!!
MIWVE's Dirt Therapy Program sessions have successfully launched in Southfield and Flint MI and
are ongoing until the late fall 2019
harvest seasons.

The program is not limited to
veterans only, it's open to the public, seniors and the youth and it's a community based program.

We've had veterans, the youth and seniors came out thus far to experience the healing power of gardening, be educated in nutrition, have access to healthy foods, harvest fruits and vegetables and connect with the earth and each other within
the community.

Studies show that people who engage in gardening and various aspects of the agricultural field experience lower blood pressure, decreased depression, makes them more health conscious and promotes over all good health and well-being.

Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon is serving on Thursdays from 11 -2 pm at our Flint Community sessions
at St Luke N.E.W. Life Center
3115 Lawndale Ave. Flint, MI 48504

St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center services 3,000 people a month in the North Flint Community area, they have some awesome programs
check them out!

2019 Dirt Therapy programs is in partnership with MIWVE, Fullerjoi Health & Wellness Integrative Services & St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center Flint, MI.

Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment | (810) 373-5744 |

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

No longer an ‘old guys’ club: How women are changing the face of veterans groups

With the VA projecting that women are on track to become 10 percent of the entire veterans population, they remain the fastest growing group. As more women, particularly in the post-9/11 era return home and begin their own transitions, major veterans groups are starting to respond with additional programs to fit their needs and more women veterans sitting at the table.

Congress Looking Into Outdoor Therapy as an Official Treatment for Veterans

In a Bill introduced to the US Congress on the 1st of May will recognize outdoor therapy as an official treatment method for veterans suffering from mental health disorders.  This bill, HR 2345, directs the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to create a task force made up of five cabinet secretaries from the departments of Veterans Affairs, Interior, Health and Human Services, Agriculture, Defense and the Chief of the Army Corp of Engineers. They are tasked with investigating the best uses of public lands for Veteran treatments and therapy.

Michigan among least patriotic states in America, study says

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, which means the freedom-loving people of America will be barbequing, flying old glory and shooting fireworks from Los Angeles to New York, and everywhere in between.
It doesn't get more patriotic than Independence Day, the day we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Program seeking volunteers to ensure No Veteran Dies Alone

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center. Social worker Tonya Ross teases 69-year-old army veteran Herb Poynor about his love for Chinese food and apple fritters.
Poynor is battling a bout of pneumonia and says he has 16 percent of his lung capacity left. Ross works as the hospice/palliative care social worker, accompanying veterans like Poynor through the challenging last weeks and days of their lives.

Court allows a class-action lawsuit against VA for the first time

A federal court for the first time will allow a class-action lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs to move ahead, a move that legal experts said opens the doors for a host of similar cases against the bureaucracy.
The decision, which could affect thousands of veterans, came late last week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Last August, the same court for the first time ruled that class-action lawsuits would be allowed against VA in “appropriate cases,” but no such claims met court standards until now.

Panel approves pilot program to take military sexual assault cases outside chain of command

The number of sexual assaults at military service academies more than doubled 2013 to 2018, Speier said

Rep. Jackie Speier succeeded in getting her amendment to establish a program taking prosecution of military sex assault cases outside of the chain of command at the service academies. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Advocates of taking the decision for prosecuting military sexual assaults — a persistent problem within the ranks — outside the chain of command scored a significant victory Wednesday when the House Armed Services Committee approved a pilot program that would do just that at the service academies.

The push to finally allow troops to sue the military over medical malpractice just got a major boost in Congress

A senator has taken up the cause to negate a controversial court ruling that bars service members from suing the federal government in cases of medical malpractice by military doctors. 

Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, has introduced an amendment to the Senate's proposed defense policy bill that would allow military personnel to file claims for injury or death caused by improper medical or dental care or during research studies at a military medical facility.

Why you should learn Mental Health First Aid

(CNN)One in five adults in the US lives with a mental health problem according to the National Institute of Mental Health, but most don't seek out professional help. That's where Mental Health First Aid - an eight-hour workshop - hopes to fill the gap.
The class trains citizens how to recognize the signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses -- from depression to anxiety disorder and substance abuse disorder.

Fewer Americans want to serve in the military. Cue Pentagon panic

Donald Trump’s three-quarters-of-a-trillion-dollar defense budget request submitted to Congress last month contains a dirty secret, one that should make us all think twice about perpetual war and public support for it.
The youth of America don’t want to serve in the military any more.
The situation has become so dire that just to maintain America’s ground forces – the army and Marine Corps – the two services are resorting to unprecedented pay raises, bonuses and socialist trappings.

Republicans and Democrats agree: VA must study medical marijuana for veterans.

Both sides of the aisle on the House Veterans Affairs Committee seem to agree -- the VA must study medical cannabis to determine if it could help veterans.

They just don’t seem to necessarily agree on how to go about it.

“I believe cannabis must be objectively researched,” Chairman Mark Takano, D-Calif., said at a committee hearing Thursday.

Ranking member Phil Roe, R-Tenn., submitted a bill that would require the VA to study medical marijuana/cannabis and its uses for chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions.

VA incorrectly denied military sexual trauma survivor benefits, Congress calls for change


Rep. Anne McLane Kuster says she has a difficult time being alone in her home and sometimes, she wakes up in the night screaming.

“I’ve never told anybody this,” the Democratic congresswoman from New Hampshire said at a House Veterans Affairs Committee hearing Thursday.

Previously, Kuster revealed that she is a sexual assault survivor, and she did not decide to tell her story until four decades later. But because of that, Kuster said she understands why veterans and service members who are survivors of military sexual trauma -- a term that includes harassment, assault and rape, according to the Veterans Administration -- hesitate to come forward with their stories.