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Thursday, December 29, 2016

PTSD- You’re Not Crazy!

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  “PTSD, it isn’t about what’s wrong with you! It’s about what happened to you.”

It’s only natural to be affected by trauma, if you aren’t affected, you may already be suffering from PTSD. Nearly 20%(31.3 million) of the American population is diagnosed with PTSD. Yeah, that’s actually a lot of people. You do not have to have been a soldier to live a life with severe PTSD, in fact rape survivors are 94% likely to suffer from PTSD.


Veteran Once Denied Free Meal, Now Feeds A Million Veterans!

(photo credit: Black American News)

Ernest Walker, a veteran who was refused a free meal at the Chili’s Bar and Grill in Cedar Hill, Texas, during Veterans Day observances has turned the horrific and embarrassing situation into something awesome. He’s now using the experience to help feed hungry and homeless veterans in the north Texas area.

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Pentagon releases plan to prevent sexual assaults against military men

Defense Department officials announced today the release of the “DoD Plan to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Assault of Military Men,” designed to enhance outreach to military men and increase efforts to help them recover.

Army Maj. Gen. Camille Nichols, director of the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, said sexual assault destroys unit cohesion and threatens force readiness by eroding bonds of trust that make the military strong and effective. The DoD plan, she added, outlines the need to help all service members better understand the unique aspects of assaults against men and how to prevent them.


War’s effects still being felt 25 years later

Six weeks of relentless bombing. A ground war lasting all of 100 hours. Victory declared.
The blitzkrieg-style Persian Gulf War in 1991 liberated Kuwait from Iraqi occupation with fewer than 300 coalition combat deaths against the world’s fourth largest army. It also banished the ghosts of the Vietnam War and restored the reputation of America’s military.


Army: Number of sexual misconduct allegations against senior leaders increases

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December 15, 2016 (Photo Credit: Army)
WASHINGTON — Sexual misconduct and harassment allegations against senior Army leaders increased this year and more were substantiated than in 2015, according to a closely held report by the Army Inspector General.

The memo obtained by The Associated Press also said the most frequent charge lodged against senior officers on active duty, in the National Guard, Reserves and senior executive service in the past budget year was reprisal, with nearly 50 such allegations as of Sept. 30.


The Children of Agent Orange

For decades, Vietnam veterans have suspected that the defoliant harmed their children. But the VA hasn’t studied its own data for clues.

A new ProPublica analysis has found that the odds of having a child born with birth defects were more than a third higher for veterans exposed to Agent Orange than for those who weren’t.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Four Marines charged in boot camp abuse scandal; more cases expected


PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. -- The training of Marine recruits at Parris Island is supposed to be tough. But investigations have found it to be downright cruel. Drill instructors abusing, humiliating and hazing recruits -- none of it permitted, according to Commanding Gen. Austin Renforth.
“You put your hands on a young man or woman you have crossed the line and we are not going to tolerate it,” Renforth said.

But investigations show that behavior was tolerated until last spring, when the abuses came to light.


American Heroes: Women Veterans Face Mental Health Crisis

American Heroes: Women Veterans Face Mental Health Crisis
In the rough-and-ready, male-dominated world of military pilots, Olivia Chavez held her ground.
Chavez was 5 feet tall and 140 pounds when she became one of the first women, and first Latinas, to fly an CH-47D Chinook helicopter in a combat situation.

In fact, for more than two decades, in three separate branches of the military, Chavez was a pioneer and served among her mostly male counterparts with great distinction and pride.


Veterans with PTSD or TBI May Be Eligible for Military Discharge Upgrade

Military Discharge Upgrade for PTSD or TBI

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are serious and often misunderstood afflictions. Unfortunately, it is all too common among combat veterans. It is only in recent years that PTSD and TBI have received the recognition they deserve from the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Due to this late recognition, there is an entire generation of veterans who suffer from PTSD or TBI who have been forgotten, ignored, or even discriminated against (often simply because PTSD and TBI weren’t as well understood as it is today).

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Dingell, Walberg want answers on Detroit's VA center

WASHINGTON – A USA TODAY/Free Press report last week revealing a low quality rating at Detroit’s John D. Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center led two members of Congress today to ask the agency for assurances that veterans are “being properly cared for and are not in danger.”

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A Modest Proposal for Military Suicide and Military Sexual Assault


Military suicide and sexual assault remain intractable problems, despite extraordinary efforts by the Department of Defense and Congress. What more can be done in the next administration? A place to start is with better data. This suggestion might not seem that far-reaching, but it is actually nothing short of revolutionary. Better data will allow policymakers to tailor interventions, measure program effectiveness, and establish goals by which to measure success — tasks all but impossible today.

While it seems hard to argue against collecting and publishing better data, the Department of Defense seems loath to do so. After all, opacity is not a bug, but a feature – indeed a central stratagem – in large bureaucracies.


Detroit VA Hospital Ranked Lowest in Country

 The John Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center is the only one in the system that hasn’t shown improvement, according to data.   
Detroit VA Hospital Ranked Lowest in Country
DETROIT, MI — The lowest-rated hospital in the Department of Veterans Affairs’ vast network is in Detroit, according to recently revealed rankings. The John D. Dingell VA Medical Center has gotten worse instead of better after it was included among a handful of VA hospitals that received one-star ratings earlier this year, the usually secret VA scorecard shows.


VA to Let Vets Pre-Select Cemetery Burials Before Death

The Quantico National Cemetery spans 725-acres and was founded in 1983. The facility conducts more than 1,100 funerals annually. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Tiffiney Wertz)

The Quantico National Cemetery spans 725-acres and was founded in 1983. The facility conducts more than 1,100 funerals annually. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Tiffiney Wertz)
A rule change at the Veterans Affairs Department will allow veterans to apply for burial in national cemeteries before their death, rather than requiring family members to apply on their behalf after it.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

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The Pentagon Is Now Deploying Reservists Without Granting GI Bill Benefits

Service members, veterans and military retirees have a number of financial aid options they may be qualified for beyond military service-provided tuition assistance, according to Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Education Center officials.
By law, reservists involuntarily mobilized under a new and obscure deployment code do not receive credit for the GI Bill while they are activated.

Nearly 300 Marines came home from their seven-month deployment to Central America this week. They have a few things in tow — wood carvings from local artisans and the grit of experience responding to Hurricane Matthew, among the world’s worst recent natural disasters.


America’s First Black Female Prisoner Of War Was Denied PTSD Treatment By U.S. Army

“We lost 11 in the ambush,” Johnson tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”. “Eight of us were taken as prisoners of war; two died in captivity. Jessica was kept in Nasiriyah and five of us

With dreams of being a chef and looking for a way to pay for culinary school, Shoshana Johnson enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1998. Then, while serving as a cook in a support unit during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Johnson’s life changed completely.


Women's Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery at Risk of Closing-VIDEO

A women's memorial at Arlington National Cemetery is in jeopardy. Northern Virginia Bureau Reporter David Culver spoke with women who are campaigning to keep the memorial open.

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Female vets and service members say the public fails to recognize their roles, survey finds

Nearly three-quarters of female service members and veterans feel the public fails to recognize or value their service.

That’s according to results of an ongoing survey by the Service Women’s Action Network, a Washington advocacy group.


Why Veterans’ Greatest Resources for Getting Mental Health Help Are One Another

Illustration of two veterans connecting
Two U-M programs connect former service members with one another to improve individual access to mental health resources and much more.

When it comes to getting connected to the mental health help they need, sometimes the best lifeline for military veterans is a fellow veteran.


New CIR study on military sexual assault finds long-term consequences for victims

Victims of military sexual assault experience unique circumstances and require specific treatment compared to civilian sexual trauma victims, according to a new University of Southern California study.

Researchers with the Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans & Military Families at the examined the physical and psychological health, along with risk-taking behaviors, of men and women who had experienced sexual assault in the military.