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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

VA secretary backs expanding caregiver program to older vets


WASHINGTON — Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin supports expanding his department’s caregiver benefits to families of veterans of all eras, and thinks the move may be far less costly than most critics expect.

In testimony before the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee earlier this week, Shulkin said he believes the current restrictions on the caregiver program — which limit many benefits solely to families of post-9/11 veterans — need to be updated.

“I do believe it needs to be for all veterans,” he said, “particularly our older veterans who want to stay at home, and then maybe they wouldn't have to leave their home and into an institution.”

He said department officials have begun a review of the costs and procedures for expanding the program, and will formally approach lawmakers with a plan in the months to come.



Anonymous said...

Really? And how are they supposed to pay for it? They are kicking tons of veterans out of the program right now, some quoted as saying that the program cost too much and much more than thought.

So, if they have kicked 40% out of the program in the last 28 months, how are they going to pay for expansion? The pressure from the press made congress put pressure on the VA. The VA has a temporary stop... in place to stop veterans from being dropped from the program currently unless the veterans asks to be dropped.

Caregiver support coordinators were using all sorts of language to remove veterans. Anything from GRADUATING from the program, to telling 100% veteran with 32 service connected problems, that he got better and now doesn't need the program. Since that first letter in November 2016, he has had 2 more surgeries and is now looing at surgery on BOTH shoulders. He got better? Really? What team of doctors said that? This is why there is a moratorium from removal right now. May-June 2017.

The VA is reworking the eligibility and the language for removal so it is the same with ALL caregiver support coordinators. They, the CSC's, can not pick and choose parts of paragraphs from the CFR and use twisted interpretations to justify their personal decisions.

This idea of expansion is stupid. Vietnam Vets qualify for A&A. Post 9-11 vets don't. This is Black and White in the CFR. so, if older vets get A&A, why screw up a program that supposedly costs too much as it is with a much more restricted elligibilty?

Anonymous said...

I didn't support my claims above.

VA Halts removals

expansion discussions--talk since inception, this is 2013, 4 years ago, soon? Still not happening.

Older vets actually ALREADY get Aid & Attendance (Caregiver for those in the Caregiver Program)

So don't bother saying I am wrong. I am one of the above statistics. Those articles are provable by substantive proof.