Battling the Storm Within

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Female veterans with PTSD getting better care from Veterans Affairs- VIDEO

One out of every 10 veterans leaving the military is a woman, and as that number grows so do the cases of PTSD.
But helping these women is proving difficult for Veterans Affairs, a system that historically has only focused on men.
Navy veteran Tanya Godinez is going to call ‘The H.O.P.E. Center’ home for the next nine weeks. She was raped by a man on her ship 26 years ago and has suffered from PTSD ever since.
About 1-in-4 women say they were sexually assaulted while serving in the military. As a result, most PTSD cases stem from those assaults. And sadly, some women say they deal with this trauma for decades.
“I kind of look at PTSD as like having a full-time job where it’s intense,” says Caryn Dilandro, PhD Clinical Psychologist and PTSD program manager.

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