Battling the Storm Within

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Women Veterans and Military Sexual Trauma: the Aftermath

It’s important to acknowledge that all branches of the armed services are working to eliminate military sexual trauma (MST), to bring perpetrators to justice and to provide treatment for victims. That said, this comes after years of ignoring or dismissing complaints. Years.

The National Veterans Foundation’s concerted outreach to female veterans finds that MST is often a factor in their lives when we reach them. You won’t hear that from them right away. They call our Lifeline for Vets about housing, education, employment and VA claims just like their male counterparts. But when we engage them in conversation on the phone or on the street, it starts to leak out that their symptoms of PTSD aren’t necessarily related to combat. The biggest clue is the nature of a woman’s discharge from the service. If her discharge is not “Honorable” we know to listen even more closely.


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