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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Applying for a Discharge Upgrade

For veterans who have served in uniform and received a less than honorable discharge, the impact on their post-service lives can be dramatic. While the process is not simple and the results not guaranteed, there is a way to appeal the discharge classification.
All veterans are eligible to apply to the Discharge Review Board for an upgrade of their discharge characterization or a change of the reason given for their discharge. To receive a discharge upgrade or a change in the discharge reason, an individual must prove to the appropriate Discharge Review Board that his or her discharge reason or characterization was “inequitable” or “improper.”
  • Inequitable means the reason or characterization of the discharge is not consistent with the policies and traditions of the service.
  • Improper means that the reason or characterization of the discharge is in error (i.e., is false, or violates a regulation or law).


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