Battling the Storm Within

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Its not PTSD but it can be just as dangerous

Combating Moral Injury- For some veterans, guilt and shame can linger years after combat — and it’s not PTSD.

Aaron Throckmorton decided to join the military the day the Twin Towers fell. A standout high school linebacker at Midland Lee (of Friday Night Lights fame), Throckmorton quit his team that very afternoon. He doubled up on his schoolwork so he could finish early and become a Marine. There were military men in his family. His grandfather served during the Korean War, and an uncle was a “river rat” in Vietnam. But Throckmorton didn’t know much about their experiences.
“I never really asked,” he told me. No, it wasn’t because of his family’s pedigree that he was enlisting. He had watched the second plane hit the towers and felt “it was my duty to go and take care of those who had done it.”

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