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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The United States Army covers up the Rape and Murder of Black female soldier. LaVena Johnson - WATCH VIDEO

LaVena Johnson was the first woman soldier and the first black woman soldier to die while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

LaVena Johnson was found dead in a contractor's tent owned by military contractor giant Kellogg, Brown & Root (which was at that time a subsidiary Halliburton)

The autopsy photos showed LaVena Johnson had bruises and scratches on the upper part of her torso; there were even teeth marks. She appeared to have been badly beaten. A caustic substance had been poured on her vaginal area, most likely to eliminate any DNA evidence from rape. There was a trail of blood leading outside of the tent, suggesting that LaVena had been dragged into the tent after the attack, and then the tent was set on fire.

The family lead by Dr. Johnson tried to recruit the help of the mainstream media; CBS paid for a second autopsy. The second autopsy found that LaVena’s neck was broken. Parts of her vagina, tongue, and anus had been removed.

The military’s autopsy notes none of this; nor were the Johnsons informed parts of their daughter’s body had been removed.

Despite spending thousands of dollars on autopsies, experts, and coming to the Johnsons’ home, CBS didn’t run the story. Neither did ABC, who also invested a good deal of money into the story. Reports allege that one popular magazine was even threatened that running the story would result in the military no longer buying ad space from them.

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