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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Military Sexual Assault Trauma Is So Common It Has An Acronym (MST)

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This week we saw a screening of “Thank You For Your Service,” a film about mental health in the military, directed by Tom Donahue. Serendipitous because we’d been diving deeper into the topic of the systematic dysfunction of war. It clearly starts from the top down but this isn’t an article about politics. This is a piece about the people who suffer.

In the film (stay tuned for the review) they talked about PTSD and the many different forms of trauma experienced by soldiers. In an earlier piece, we talked about rape in the military as experienced by Mary Getty who was gang raped by six soldiers she’d previously considered close friends.

Why doesn’t the government take care of our vets? Perhaps as former Mayor Guiliani said in TYFYS, government agencies don’t care about people, they aren’t paid to.


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