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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why You Don't Know She's a Military Veteran and Four Things You Can Do

As I begin to process the whirlwind, recent Women Veteran Career Development Forum in Washington D.C., I've been wanting to write about the event. It included a keynote speech from First Lady Michelle Obama, the National Business Women's Week (NBWW) awards, actionable information for women veterans to communicate their valuable service stories and skills, mentors and employers eager to hire the women veteran job seekers and much more.

On my last day in Washington D.C., I met with a woman in the Women's Health Services section at the headquarters of the Department of Veteran Affairs; she had also attended the forum. I shared a story from the event that brought her to tears. Our conversation helped me realize something I truly didn't understand before - yet paradoxically, I'm realizing that it's the thing that motivates my work as a woman veteran and entrepreneur every day. In writing about this epiphany, it's my hope that more Americans will understand why there are women who served in our armed forces who do NOT openly identify themselves as veterans.


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