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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What it’s Like to Overcome PTSD After Being Sexually Assaulted

Recently I went hiking with my friends in Algonquin Park. We were walking on a trail. It was a beautiful day and I had been looking forward to it.
Then I looked behind me, and I thought I saw the two guys who raped me. I had a panic attack and I started freaking out. It was unbearable. My heart rate went up. I felt shaky and sweaty and extremely overwhelmed.
(Ally Reeves for The Globe and Mail)
It didn’t feel like I was in Algonquin Park. It felt like I was in the same scenario as I was when I was 14, when it all happened. Every feeling and every emotion I had came back and it was happening all over again. I was lucky I was with two friends. But when you’re, say, working or at a mall and you experience a flashback, you’re back in this whole different state of mind. You kind of feel like you’re crazy and you’re being looked at. It’s not a pleasant feeling to start with, for obvious reasons, but you’re also forced to relive something that you never wanted to live in the first place.


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