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Friday, May 6, 2022

2022 - Michigan Women Veterans Conference - Public Disclaimer Notice





MIWVE - Has successfully hosted Michigan Women Veterans Conferences since 2016 with the support of our partners, sponsors, friends and supporters over the years.

 We are so grateful! However, it has come to our attention that a 2022 "Michigan Women Veterans Conference" has been scheduled in June 2022 by the MVAA - Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

MIWVE's Founder/CEO (RET) US Army - Sgt. Stephanie J. Shannon announced verbally and posted a notice on the printed programs that were handed out at our last conference in 2019 in Southfield, MI. In which MVAA's staff was present, honored as a speaker and a resource vendor at our last conference in 2019.

It was respectfully requested that others specifically in the women veteran's community in Michigan to refrain from the use of MIWVE's brand, the names of our conferences, events and programs and etc... in any capacity.

We have worked hard to build this brand in Michigan due the COVID-19 Pandemic our conferences and in person events have been put on hold until further notice.

On April 1, 2022, our organization's attorney notified MVAA's Director via letter mailed through USPS. Requesting that MVAA change the name of their conference to avoid consumer, supporter and sponsor confusion and out of respect for the hard work that MIWVE has done for the women veterans and veteran's community at large over the years.

 However, our request was not granted it was dismissed, disregarded and deemed not important. Due to this lack of acknowledgement and no response to our request unfortunately MIWVE has to officially notify the public and the veteran's community that it is not affiliated or associated with MVAA's Michigan Women Veterans Conference or anything else in regard to this organization.

 We hope that the Michigan Veterans Community at large will apply the military core values of loyalty, duty, respect, courage, honor, integrity and selfless service while serving within our communities at large and towards each other.

 We have faith that God will continue to grant us favor, wisdom, resources and give us continued success as we humbly serve those in need of empowerment and our services within our communities.

 What empowers you, let's pass it on! God bless, Happy Spring and Stay safe! 


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